Team Taekwondo Tags

At the Warrior Factory we are lucky to have many quality instructors. Although this gives students great variety in training sessions, in the past it has posed some problems when deciding which students are ready for gradings. As the subject area of each class is based on a rotation system, instructors only ever saw students perform part of their syllabus. This was not enough for them to be able to recommend them for a grading.

The reasons behind the introduction of the Team Taekwondo Tag system are as follows:-

·      To build confidence in all students through achievement

·      Motivate students between gradings

·      Provide students and parents with a measurement of progress

·      Highlight areas for development

·      Encouraging students to attend all classes without dodging ones they find difficult

Each Tag represents a different part of the Taekwondo syllabus. To be awarded a Tag the student must me able to demonstrate that they meet the requirements in each separate area of the syllabus and to the level required for their grade.

·      The orange Tag is awarded for the sparring elements of the syllabus.

·      The purple tag is awarded when the student can demonstrate the pattern requirements for their next grade. This may also include patterns from past gradings.

·      The grey tag is awarded when the student can demonstrate the technical requirements for the next grade including the combinations moving down the hall and specific techniques on the pads.

·      From Green belt onwards, the black tag is also required. This is awarded when the student can demonstrate their ability to perform the self defence requirements for the next grade.