Each of our Warrior Factory venues are registered as Community Interest Companies and are operate on a 'not for profit' bases. Although each martial arts centre makes a profit, this money is reinvested to further develop it's students, staff and venues. Our mission is to help each student reach their full potential as martial artists, while developing good character and promoting good health. We do this by delivering classes though national governing body affiliated clubs, using comprehensive programmes from innovative facilities, delivered by highly qualified instructors.

Meet The Team

Team Taekwondo martial arts coaches \ instructors from venues in Leeds and Bradford

At Warrior Factory Limited we specialise in building character while promoting good health

Phill Payne, Head Coach

In 2008, Shapers Gym in Hipperholme went out of business and a lease notice was placed on the main door. By chance, local Taekwondo instructor Phill Payne saw this notice and started enquiring to the possibility of running the venue as a full time martial arts centre. By the end of April 2009 the lease for the first Warrior Factory was signed and preparations began to turn the gym in to a full time martial arts academy.

The Warrior Factory based in Hipperholme, Halifax opened its door to the public in September 2009. Officially opened by Olympic medallist and two times Taekwondo World Champion Sarah Stevenson, the martial arts academy started with approximately forty students. By 2012 the Warrior Factory had built a reputation for delivering high quality martial arts and had a following of over two hundred and fifty children, teens and adults.

Currently there seems to be a trend for martial arts clubs to break away from their roots and try and create a programme that is ‘jack of all trades’ but inevitably these clubs become ‘master of non’. While many are trying to capitalise on the popularity of MMA or Mixed Martial Arts, we find that the image of people beating each other on the floor in front of an alcohol fuelled audience is as far from our philosophy as is possible.

While we recognise the importance of continually developing our programmes and the instructors that deliver them, we do this with in the confines of each martial art. At the Warrior Factory we specialise in Taekwondo and Traditional Ju Jitsu. In these classes you can expect to be taught techniques by instructors that have not only been taught by other experience coaches, but are also had training in how to teach and coach.

After the success of the Warrior Factory in Halifax, the search was on for the location of the second Warrior Factory. In early 2012 North Leeds was identified as matching the demographics of the already successful Hipperholme venue. After 18 months of negotiations the lease was signed for 4,200 square feet in the Wira Business Park, West Park, Leeds. In February 2014 the venue was opened to the public.


  • “Staff have been excellent helping and supporting my very shy son. He is now growing in confidence both in and out of class”

    Thomas Griggs

  • “Since Lewis began at the Warrior Factory his confidence has improved tremendously. He would normally just sit on the sidelines and wouldn’t join in but now he can wait to get here”

    Lewis Rushworth

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